Why is Passages Malibu One of the Best Drug Rehab Centers in the World?

There’s one big reason why people travel from all over to visit Passages Malibu: as many recovered clients will tell you, it’s one of best drug rehab centers in the world to them. But what exactly makes Passages Malibu one of the best drug rehab centers in the world?

  • Experience – Since 2001, Passages Malibu has been providing relief for both prescription and non-prescription substances, including cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and every possible drug combination. Whether you have multiple addictions or just one, Passages Malibu is prepared to detox and rebuild you.
  • Awards – The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) recognizes Passages Malibu for its outstanding services (only 6% of rehab centers in the country have this distinguishment), and Forbes hailed Passages Malibu as one of the “Most Luxurious Places” for recovery treatments.
  • Holistic Expertise – Recovering at Passages Malibu means never being given toxic medications. Instead, only natural supplements and non-toxic treatments will be used for a truly organic recovery that doesn’t rely on more chemicals.
  • Unbeatable Luxury – Your healing will transpire over 10 acres of secluded beach property. No matter if you want to be left alone with your thoughts, or if you find comfort in the company of others, recovery will happen at your pace, and always in total luxury.
  • A Positive Philosophy – The best rehab centers in the world do not rely on shaming tactics or negative stereotypes to coerce their clients into recovery. Passages Malibu will never label you as an “addict” and recognizes that your addiction is much more than a simple “disease”. Instead, we realize that true recovery only comes with dignity and mutual respect.
  • Customized Recovery – Passages Malibu is where a team of licensed professionals with extensive experience will develop a customized treatment program that pertains specifically to your needs. This special program will continue well after you leave our facilities in the form of follow-up exercises with your very own “aftercare specialist”.

Welcome to One of the Best Rehab Centers in the World

Whether you are acting on behalf of a loved one or suffering from an addiction yourself, Passages Malibu is a luxurious rehabilitation center that overcome any form of addiction by using all-natural methods that have proven results. We are waiting for your call at (888) 318-7391 so that we can give you all of the help you need!