Explaining Our Philosophy

Passages Malibu uses an individualistic approach to recovery, meaning that special attention is paid to you and only you. You will never be put into a group session and told to share your story because we know that this style can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. We also believe that one-on-one therapy sessions with a professional are ultimately much more effective and rewarding than group meetings.

Secondly, we will never say that you are an “addict”. We realize that this sort of stereotyping can have a dehumanizing effect that can cause you to second-guess yourself and negatively impact your recovery. We understand that your addiction is something that you have, but it should never be something that defines you.

Instead of being guided by labels and stereotypes, our staff chooses to operate with respect and compassion at all times. Being treated with dignity will help you get into the positive mindset that’s necessary for both motivation and self-reflection. Plus, our addiction experts will guide you through every part of this journey so that you can replace your old behaviors with new ways of thinking.

If you’ve ever tried conventional rehabilitation, then you can already see how Passages Malibu is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We treat you with respect, let you communicate with friends and family whenever you want, and avoid damaging stereotypes. When you are ready for a positive holistic experience that lets you retain your dignity and personal freedoms, then please call us and speak to an admissions coordinator today.

What Causes an Addiction?

No matter what kind of addiction you’ve developed or how long its been present, the reasons behind any drug and alcohol addiction are always the same. Addictions can arise due to any combination of the following: