The Legacy of Passages Malibu

If you are suffering from an addiction and find yourself struggling to ask others for help, know that you are not alone. It took Pax Prentiss 10 years to gather the courage needed to admit to his father, Chris, that he was addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, and now needed outside help. Coming clean to his father was the best decision Pax ever made, and admitting that you need help could be the best decision that you’ve ever made, too.

Fear often keeps people from getting help for their addiction, but sometimes the reaction you get from others is not what you’d expect. Rather than rejecting his son or becoming angry, Chris became a closer parent than ever before. He took his son to every possible treatment program that they could think of, which shows that even though you never know exactly how your loved ones are going to react about your addiction, it’s usually nowhere near as bad as the addiction itself.

Unfortunately, modern treatment programs were extremely insufficient for the two of them. Twelve-step programs, group meetings, and even hospital visits were never enough to keep Pax from relapsing, despite his sincerest desire to stay sober. The problem was not Pax, but rather the way the treatments made him feel. By labeling him as an “addict” with a “disease”, these places were only reinforcing his crippling feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Progress came only when Chris and Pax removed themselves from the conventional treatments and started embracing holistic healing. These new methods combined Eastern and Western practices to help restore Pax’s confidence in himself, empowering him and showing him how to remain in control. Not only was Pax able to remove his physical dependencies, he was also able to get to the underlying psychological causes that were compelling him to use in the first place.

Pax successfully used holistic healing to reform the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of his identity in such a way that he no longer felt drug cravings. Best of all, he had completely rid himself of his addictions without any negative thinking or labeling. If he had relied on traditional approaches, however, he would have never developed these new ways to handle life, and therefore, he probably would still struggle with addiction.

Holistic healing let Pax rediscover himself using one-on-one therapy sessions with medical professionals who worked with each other behind the scenes to make a difference. While 12-step programs are little more than group meetings, holistic therapy was much more direct and focused. By the end of it all, Chris and Pax knew that they had come across something that could help many people who are in the same position that Pax once was.

With this in mind, the two of them founded Passages Malibu in 2001, and they made sure that it employed all of the same progressive techniques that allowed Pax to holistically rid himself of his multiple addictions so long ago. Passages Malibu has help gone on to help thousands in the years since, and more Passages centers have opened across California as a result. So if you want to recover from addiction in an all-natural way with a positive atmosphere, then Passages Malibu is ready to help – just ask Pax.