Why The Best Rehab is at Passages Malibu

Chris and Pax Prentiss are the co-founders of Passages Malibu, one of the best rehab centers for holistic healing. Since 2001, thousands upon thousands of clients have been naturally healed from their addictions. This is because, unlike regular detox centers, which are only equipped to handle the physical symptoms, Passages Malibu focuses on all of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects surrounding an addiction for a more effective recovery.

When you begin your journey at Passages Malibu, you’ll quickly find that we’ve invested in the best rehab addiction treatments and specialists possible. Comfort and relaxation will play an important role in your recovery, which is why your plush detox unit overlooks the Pacific Ocean and sits upon 10-acres of sunny California beachfront estate. Each day you’ll look forward to a life that’s full of encouraging activities. Gyms, rec rooms, luxury boatyards, tennis courts, and more await you, along with counselors and trainers who will help you develop new skills and positive associations every step of the way.

Chris and Pax Prentiss are not proponents of group therapy, meaning you’ll never have to share your most intimate moments in an uncomfortable group setting. Instead, some of the best rehab addiction experts in the entire industry will get to personally know you through one-on-one private therapy sessions. Your caring team will include doctors, therapists, counselors, acupuncturists and other dedicated specialists who will work together to develop a customized treatment strategy that they believe will work best for you on a personal level.

Passages Malibu has helped many others recover from addiction, and we know that we can help you recover from yours. If you or someone you love has developed an addiction and wants to stop, then please call us now. You’ll feel better knowing that Passages Malibu has what it takes to be the best rehab center choice for you.

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Passages Malibu’s Co-Founders, Pax and Chris Prentiss

Chris Prentiss and his son, Pax, are two compassionate visionaries who have been revolutionizing the drug rehabilitation industry for years with Passages Malibu, a luxury drug rehab center modeled on the same holistic principles that let Pax Prentiss reverse his patterns of drug and alcohol abuse after more than a decade. The success of Passages Malibu has led to the establishment of many other Passages centers throughout the state of California.

When Pax first confessed to his father that he had multiple substance addictions, however, no one could have foreseen anything positive like Passages Malibu coming from the ordeal. Chris was simply trying to do everything within his power to help his son at the time. After conventional 12-step groups and other treatments failed, the two began to research various holistic medicines out of desperation.

Surprisingly, these holistic practices were what allowed Pax to resolve the underlying conditions that were driving him to abuse drugs and alcohol. Prior to his experience with holistic therapy, Pax was always taught that he was a hopeless addict with a disease. Holistic therapy, on the other hand, put him in charge of his own destiny and taught him how to rebuild the essential components of his character that had once been lost.

Passages Malibu is the end result of Pax’s triumph over his numerous addictions. Rather than acting like nothing had ever happened to them, Pax and Chris decided to share what they’ve learned and help other people all over the world. If you are ready to follow in Pax’s footsteps and use holistic measures to regain your sobriety, then please give Passages Malibu a call today.